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How to have a box be "selected" on one click, then if clicked again and it's selected, to resize

In Progress Lincar4000 5 years ago

Thought I could figure this one out, but after many hours I seem to be hitting a wall. This is for a text table functioning as a calendar.

I need a box that when clicked, will highlight red (I've done this by moving a red rectangle to the same pos as the cell) and be considered selected (done by using a variable set to value of cell). If clicked again, that box will resize. (If the value of cell = variable, then resize)

Basically, one click highlights a cell red. A second click checks to see that cell is currently red(selected), if so, it'll resize. This is a bit urgent so I would love some help, thanks!

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Instead of the 'else' condition, create another event on the cell but with an 'on variable change' trigger. Select to listen to the 'cellselected' variable. Then add the do and else actions necessary to cover the 'selected' and 'unselected' states. Finally, use the 'copy events' tool in the toolbar with the rest of cells. That should do the trick.

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