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How to get a value from a datamaster into another datamaster

Answered Juanardila 3 years ago

Hey! So I'm making a store administrator prototype app and I have two datamasters: Billing and Stock, so in stock I have all the records of the products names with its prices. I have a billing page where I can type a product's name and quantity and save that record into the billing datamaster, so the question is: How can I get the price of such product and then have it displayed in the billing datamaster? It's kind of the equivalent of Excel's VLOOKUP function. I have tried using the filter function but nothing comes out of it.

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The expression will be a little more complicated - you will need to filter down the 'Stock' Data Master, select the Price that matches the Product name you've input into the form, and then multiply that result by the quantity you've entered. This should work:


We've also attached an example file of what you're looking for. Let me know if you have any questions!


It worked 100% Thank you very much Danielle, you're an angel!


Great! Glad to help.

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