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How to download-install and offline activate -Justinmind Enterprise Perpetual

In Progress Phatchakorn 4 years ago


Please advise me!

I need information prepare for developer team [PC = Windows 7]

Justinmind Enterprise Perpetual license

- How can i download installation file

- System requirement [hardware, OS, Port, Proxy set up]

- step activation offline license [ all local machine no have internet]

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The minimum system requirements are:

1GHz processor or higher · 512 MB of system memory (1GB recommended) · 200 MB of available space

Export to HTML: for a better display of your interactive prototypes, we recommend the use of the following browsers: · Microsoft Internet Explorer v8+ · Google Chrome v2+ · Mozilla Firefox v2+ · Apple Safari v3+

Export to document: for a better display of your documents, we recommend the use of: · Microsoft Office v2007+ · Oracle OpenOffice v2+Port/Proxy information can be specified in the Settings of Justinmind.To install offline: 1. On the computer with no internet access, open Justinmind and try to sign in. You'll see an error message that there's no Internet connection, and it'll ask you to try activating via web browser.

2. Click that option and it will launch a browser - though it won't load because of no Internet connection.

3. Copy the URL that it tries to load and paste it into the browser of a computer with an Internet connection. This will download a license file in .vp format.

4. Transfer that file over to the offline computer and open it on the offline computer. You should then be able to use Justinmind offline.

However, if you are trying to use the Enterprise version offline, and you don't have any Internet connection to access your Justinmind online account, you will not be able to use any collaboration features - unless you are using an Enterprise onsite server. In which case, let me know, because the setup process will be different and I can direct you to our server specialists.



Thank you so much

Please advise me for setup process Enterprise onsite server.

I need information for prepare installation on site service my client.

Need Information Pre and Pros install and setup Enterprise perpetual license

onsite server and client use local network (no have internet)

  1. System Requirements Support (OS, Proxy setup, Port
  2. Permission Requirement
  3. Installation Guide
  4. License Management (Admin,User)
  5. Activate/Deactivate Guide (Limitation device usage License)


We've sent this over to our licensing team, and they will get back to you with more information.


Hi, Danielle
Please advise me,
My Clienthave some problem

  • How do I unassign license seat form owner account, because they keep license seat for developer.
  • Is it possible to generate .vp file (one file) for activating 12 PCs?
    Becausemy client use activation offline, not practical generate .vp file each pc.


You can contact our licensing team and they can help with these questions - reply to the email they sent you with answers to your first questions, and they will get back to you.

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