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How to display "Search Not Found In Data List"

Answered Morgan TV (Morgan Lee) 6 years ago

Hi to all Justinmind communities :)

Lately, I keep on trying to figure out how to display a 'message bar with button' which is hidden when input does not found in Data Master.

Such that :

- I did follow Justinmind tutorial steps to show and make a Data List with Search Filter. (by using my own data list)

However , I also tried to add a function which will display a hidden message bar if and only if the input text wasn't found in Data Master/List but nothing works many times.

I kept on trying to put condition if text box value "NOT EQUAL" to the Data Master/List "THEN" show Message bar or link, something like that and much more different approach...

I tried to follow coding logic using IF ELSE Statement

I'd be glad if someone can sort this up ! Many thanks !

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