How to create mobile side drop down menu and how to link?

Hedviga Nosáľová shared this problem 3 years ago


I would like to create side menu with categories and subcategories. Example:

Click on hamburger menu - side list of categories - click on category - subcategory.

for example:

About me

- how I do it

- contact me


- Women Tshirt

- Women Jeans

- Men Tshirts

- men Jeans


Now i do it weirdly and its take much time. Can you help me please? Here are only tutorials on drop down menu, but not in side menu on mobile.

And also: I want to have a more link on ..for example:

I have a screen named ''Menu'', I have second screen ''About me'', and third ''Shop''.

I want link to ''Menu'' from ''About me'' and also ''Shop''.

Next linking: From ''About me'' to ''Shop'' and from ''Shop'' to ''About me'' .

Now I link only to ''Menu'' from 'Äbout me'' ..... and from ''Shop'' it doesnt work.. and I dont know why. I just wanna open all subcategories from the list of categories.

Thank you very much for help :-)

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Hi there,

The following tutorial should help:


Sonia Durán