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How to create and simulate a chat app in your mobile prototypes

Answered Jay Nel 6 years ago

I have replicated the prototype that you have provided on the support page.

In my mobile app I require one user to have automated responses and the other user variable input text.

For example: User 1 Types - Hello user 2

User 2 will have an automated response "Hello user 1"

User 1 Types - Can you please help me?

User 2 will have an automated response "What can I help you with?"

Have you got any idea how this can be done?

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Dear Jay,

Unfortunately, your idea of adding two more users can't be applied to the mentioned example.

An option would be switching between panels with most of the texts predefined. The following example should help.



How do you open the provided example file? I've tried both using Unarchiver as wel as simply changing the extension to .vp. Unarchiver quickly flashes something showing activity, but then no uncompressed .vp file is created. Just changing the extension to .vp results in a file that generates "File Error. The file cannot be opened." I'm using OSX.


Hi there,

Try opening the file through this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/opzl67rbyljjg9l/chat-simulation2222.vp?dl=0


Sonia Durán

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