How to add a new record to DataGrid?

Erick shared this problem 10 months ago
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I have a DataMaster (my real work have radio buttons, custom list, text) and a DataGrid linked to that datamaster.

I need an "Add New Record Button", this button should add an empty or default new row to the datagrid.

I followed this tutorial:

First I tried it with a simple datamaster-datagrid:

A simple datamaster:


A simple datagrid linked to the datamaster.


Then I created a tiny form and variables for each field


The click event for my "Add New Record Button"


But it doesn't work, the datagrid does not show new rows when I hit "Add new record button". What I missed?


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You need to add one more event which will refresh the list. On the button, add an "On Click" + "Set Value" event, selecting the Data Grid as the target. Select the 'from current data master' radio button.