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How do you move sections etc up/down when a show/hide is triggered

Answered Tony Murday 5 years ago

I am new to your application so please accept my apologises if this is an easy question/fix.

I am creating a prototype form which at the top of it has an hidden error message.

What i'm after doing is, if this error message is displayed for my current section to move down the screen.

The only way i have at the moment is to move my form section down my page but when simulating it, there is excess white space where the error message will be displayed, when displayed.

Sorry if this is easy to do.

I have show/hides woring and i'm able to create events OK.

I have looked at:


But it doesn't make any sense at all and it overly complicated to follow

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This is sort of the thing but not completley.

I have an example below


These are 3 sections Yellow section, error section and main content section.

The error section is only required when i trigger a key-down event but when i run it i have to have white space to show the message when displayed. I was wondering if there is a way that when the error section is displayed, to move the main section down.

Shot below is how it looks before the error displayed with the white space im after moving



Check out the attached prototype. It uses the example from the tutorial I linked, but removes the other panels, and just shows error message in a panel.

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