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How do you create layers on a screen so you can overlay a tool bar or search results on top of a page?I'm asking for mobile web/app.

Answered Victor Conesa 7 years ago

My first use for this would be a header bar at the top of the page which is always on top of the scrolling page below.

But secondly, I would like layers to be able to prompt a layer on top of a page, instead of linking to an entirely new page.

An example is the mobile web version of kayak.com. If you tap on the location the screen changes but it's still on the same page. Then you finish entering your location search, and you return to the previous layer with your query filled into the space.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Samir,

Dynamic panels will allow you to do this. Check out our beginner tutorials on dynamic panels here: http://www.justinmind.com/support/how...



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