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How do I transfer the prototyper license to another user?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

A colleague of mine has left the company and is no longer using the JustInMind Prototyper application. I removed his account from the "users" area on the website and tried to use the Prototyper key to register the desktop app on another machine but this fails with the message:

Unable to acquire key. Wrong key, please try again with another key.

Can anyone advise on how I can transfer the license to another machine?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Spencer,

In case you need to move a copy of Justinmind from one computer to another, you should follow these instructions:

1.Open Justinmind in the computer where you have it running right now,

2.Go to "Unregister key" in the "Help" menu.

3.Press "Ok". The current installation of Justinmind will be unregistered and closed.

4.Install / Open Justinmind in the second computer.

5.Register your key in that second computer.


Sonia Durán

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