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How do I set a Button value from a variable?

Answered np 6 years ago


I am trying to update a value (caption) of a submit button using a variable. But haven't been successful yet.

I tried that using Set Value during Tap Event to assign a value to the button as a Fixed and also via expression ...

Nothing worked.

The button is a part of a master item which is used in a template. I am using this template to create screens.

Depending on the values entered in the text boxes in the screen I want to update the value of the button (which is defined in the master item and used in the template)

Will you please help me in setting this?



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Hi there,

Do you have an example .vp file of what you're describing so we can take a look? You can attach it in a .rar format, or upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, and attach the link to it here.


Sonia Durán


Hello, I think I have fixed the issue but please still check it out.

I have extended the login widget to demo the scenario.

I have attached my .vp file in the zip format.

Is there link that explain the scope of the variables in the prototyping ...e.g. global vs local ?

Similarly how to override or add to events actions created in the templates or master widget?




I also see that in the event sequence the even if the when condition is true the flow falls thru the else clause unless I block it by adding another when condition. From the programming background, I was expecting the execution to come out of the case structure as soon as the first condition is met and the DO actions under that are executed.


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