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How do I select a specific record in a filtered data set?

Answered eggroll 6 years ago

I'm creating an event condition where the first part of it filters a data master (e.g. all last names in the data master that start with "A"). From that filtered set of records, I then want to select the first one, but I don't see any condition functions that enable you to use an index to select the record you want, or anything like "first" or "last". I can't use the data master's id row because that would only be of value on the entire data set, not a narrower set that results from filtering. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Dear Eggroll,

Unfortunately this is not possible to accomplish directly. You should add more specific filters or adding an index inside de DataMaster depending on the data you have included on it.


Sonia Durán

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