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How do I save the position of UI elements (panels/windows) within Justinmind?

In Progress Cthaggard 5 years ago

Every time I open the program I delete some panels that I don't use, and drag some around to match my preferred layout. When I open the program again, everything has been reset to their prior positions, and all of the panels I closed are open again. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Ex. When using Photoshop once you remove or move a panel it will stay that way the next time you log in.

Thanks for any help that you can provide. I am really enjoying the trial and plan to sub to the software, but having to set up my environment each time I open it up is a little annoying.

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Can you attach your log files here? You can find them by going to:

On Mac: [folder of the user]/justinmind/version/logs.log

On PC: C://users/youruser/Justinmind[version]/logs.log

Please attach both logs.log and logs.log.1

It would also be helpful if you could attach a screen recording of opening/closing Justinmind and moving the palettes around.

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