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How do I populate screen elements with values from a data master?

Known Marvin Marvy.marvs 6 years ago

Someone asked my same exact question 4 years ago.. is there a way to do this now 4 years later?

The question that was asked is below

Practical example:

1. Login screen with username & password. On page unload I save the username in a variable

2. In the second screen I need to populate, on page load, labels and text inputs with info from data master, specific to that username.

Each row contains the username, which can be used as selection criteria.

What's unclear to me is how I set label xyz content to be the value of cell first_name for ex from the data master.

Thank you!

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The example attached should help.



Hi Sonia this is worked perfect, but i made a user badge on every page that shows whoever is logged in's profile picture and username. when the user badge was standalone it would load the picture from the data master just fine. when i made the user badge a "Master" to put on multiple pages. it loads the username just fine, but it doesnt pull the profile picture. it almost seems on page load it its messing up the order to load content. Updates variable>Loads master>Tries to pull profile picture but master has already been loaded.

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