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How can I use the upload button.

Answered Eazy4eni 5 years ago

I just downloaded justinmind and I want to see if this software can really fake it before I make it."hahaha" I am stuck on the upload button and it works but I does not change the file. I want it to change an image also I would like if it can do the same for a .gif images also You can send me a prototype or please just explain it I just need to se if it actually works.

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The upload widget does not actually store a file. Instead, it just lists the file path of whatever you uploaded.

You can use 'Set Value' action to change an image, but the image will need to be somewhere on the screen, or within a Data Master.


Hello Danielle,

There is no way we can use the upload widget and then a button click to show the file in any other widget?

Do you recommend any other way to do it ?



Shubham Desai

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