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How can I make corresponding 2 screens?

Answered Jay 9 years ago

How can I make corresponding 2 screens?

There are 2 screens, one is 'Search result', another is 'Settings'. I need to make some updates(showing different panels) on Search Result according to changes that user makes on Setting screen.

For example,

On Search Results screen, there is a dynamic panel that has 2 panels inside called 'Result A' and 'Result B'. also has a gear icon at the top which linking to Settings screen. Once user jump into Settings screen, they can toggle on/off a controller, 'toggle on' means shows 'Result A', 'toggle off' means shows 'Result B' when they go back to Search Result screen.

It seems like 'set active panel' function is available only within a screen, not across screens. Is there any other way to do it? How can I make corresponding screens?

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Hello Jay,

In order to do this, I would suggest using a variable. A set value event can be placed on the created variable when toggle occurs. Then, when the search results screen is loaded (on page load event), you can set the active panel based on the value stored in the variable. For example, if toggled on, the value of the variable can be set to Result A. Then, the on page load event can have a condition like:

When Variable = Result A, Set Active Panel to Result A

If you like, I would be happy to implement this behavior on your behalf. If so, please send your prototype file to us.



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