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How can I link a search result to a page?

Answered Nicole 5 years ago

Currently I have 3 input boxes which accept different values.

The user fills any of these, then clicks a "Search" button.

This will return matching entries from the data master table.

Now what I would like to do is 2 things:

1. Be able to expand/collapse a row in the list of results to show more information.

2. Be able to click a button on that row to take it to a page with more details.

For example say you are searching for users. You are returned with a list of users. You should be able to:

1. Expand that row to see more details about the user, such as a list of their hobbies.

2. Be able to click that row for that user and be taken to a full page with all the details of that user.

Are either of these possible at all?

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Yes, that's all possible! Check out the attached prototype for an example, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Danielle, thanks for your helpful prototype!

I just want to clarify briefly how you did the expanding panel? I am looking at the way you set it up in the prototype but it isn't that clear to me as to how it works.


The panel is already expanded in the Data List, but the Data List row is too small for the panel to be visible. So we have an event that resizes the Data List row so the panel will be visible.


Thanks Danielle, got it!

Just one more thing - I'm having issues with transferring the variables to the next page. When I run the simulation, it appears as the placeholder only, e.g. [User.name]. I've assigned the selected row to a variable, I am just unsure about how to display that information onto the next page. Do you think you could briefly outline the steps for this, so I can see what I'm missing?


It sounds like you're displaying the data from the variable in a regular text element. You'll need to use a Data List or a Data Grid, which can properly display a full row of data from a variable. If you'd like to not use a Data Grid/List and just use a text element, you'll need to do a few more steps:

Create an "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event for the next screen, and have it set the value to the text element. For the value, click 'calculated' and then 'add expression'. In the Calculated Expression builder, drag the 'Select' function to the first open space in the expression. In the first open space that appears, drag the variable. Drag the 'name' attribute from the Data Master tab in the builder into the last space.

Repeat this for each text element, creating an "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event for each, changing the attribute in the second space in the expression until all attributes are correlated to one text element. I've attached an example file that includes both ways (the Data Grid way and the text element way).

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