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How can I force an object to stay on top layer during and after drag+move with cursor?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

After "drag" with "move with cursor" action, the dragged object looses its "always on top" feature and disappears behind all other objects. How can I force an object to stay in front also during and after drag+move with cursor actions? Already clicked "always on top" feature. There are other objects with always on top feature in same Dynamic panel, but behind object in question.

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Hi Ho,

We've reproduced what you have mentioned and we have detected a bug that will need to be fixed by our development team.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for reporting this.


Sonia Durán


Thanxs for your reply and the confirmation, that this behaviour is not due to a lack of understanding. So far I found a workaround moving a hidden element and contemporarely moving the target element syncroniously to the hidden element using a fast focus iteration between two input fields with a "focus in" triggered "move to" command. Slightly complicated, but works.

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