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How can i achieve an on/off summation effect on a checkbox

Answered Lii Gitonga 5 years ago

Could someone point me to the correct path.

Objective 1a:

1. On selecting a check box, a value is to be displayed, say "200" on an field.

2. On unchecking the same check box, this value should change back to Zero.

Is there any another way of achieving this without using the on toggle option?

Objective 2b:

If the check boxes are selected, then do a sum on that value that is displayed on a Total sum on a different field.

EXAMPLE ... Check/UnCheck example (Fruit Basket)

Apple (Checked) , display 10.00

Banana (Checked), display 20.00

Cucumber (Checked), display 5.00

Total Sum , Display 35.00

Apple (Checked) , display 10.00

Banana (UnChecked), display 0.00

Cucumber (Checked), display 5.00

Total Sum , Display 15.00

How do i achieve this...

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Yes, just use 'On Change' along with a condition that detects if the checkbox is selected or not.

Check out the attached prototype, and let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Danielle,

That's exactly what i had in mind :-)

Am glad you responded.

Happy customer :-)

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