Horizontal Line does not display in simulation properly

Adria Robinson shared this problem 1 year ago

We noticed that horizontal lines and other elements do not align properly in Simulation. They are aligned in the actual prototype but when the prototype is simulated, the alignment is "off". See the attached images. The "inProtype.png" is a menu item in the actual prototype with a red horizontal line under it to indicate that the user is in that section of the site. The "insimiulation.png" file is how it looks when the prototype is simulated. The red line is shifting to the right for no reason. Other elements also do this but it is most noticable when you have something in context to it (like the line under text which needs to align properly).

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Hi Adria,

Thanks for reporting this. If possible, can you attach the .vp file in which this occurs so we can investigate this further? You'll need to export it to a .rar format, or you can upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox and attach the link here.