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Hirarchical templates / Add masters inside Masters

Under Consideration Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I want to have templates in a tree structure inheriting all features and function from their parents respectively (like master pages in Adobe indesign...).

I want to be able to question the status of the elements / get values from widgets of the parent templates from within the related child page.

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Great suggestion! i'll forward to our development team and will take into account in future updates.


Sonia Durán


+1 For masters inside masters. This will superpower the justinmind and will also make it a great tool for UI devs to think about components hierarchy.


+1 this is a feature along with being able to have the option of the master locking to the original position like in Axure (I just tried the latest version and it still isn't possible).

These are a couple of the main features that would block me from moving from Axure to Justinmind even though Justinmind's UI is better.

The master nesting and positioning are integral to my workflow of being able to work on a multiple page prototype where the main background is not changing but the content on top of this is made up of masters and masters inside masters so that the objects aren't copied and positions can be updated and update across all pages.

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