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Highlighting selected images

In Progress Caroline_keane 4 years ago


Hello. I'm a beginner in UI design and using Justinmind. Somebody has already helped me with keeping an image highlighted once selected. This is what was suggested: "On Click" (or "On Tap" if the prototype is for mobile or tablet) + "Change Style" event for an image, and have it change the style of the image to look selected (i.e. change its border or transparency). And it worked- thanks.

However, I have been trying to work out how to undo this action if somebody were to tap on the image (or unselect) the image, so that it goes back to the original image. I'd actually like any of the images to be highlighted (image selected) and not highlighted (image unselected) whenever somebody chooses to either select or unselect an image. Please advise on how to do this. A file is attached to this post. Thanks.

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You can change the "On Click" or "On Tap" trigger to "On Toggle" instead. The "On Toggle" trigger is a little special, because it undoes the action after you click the second time. So if you click on an image once, it will change style, and if you click on it again, the style will revert back to how it was originally.


OK, works. Thanks so much!

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