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Hide datalist icon if row not selected

Known Dee Skiver 6 years ago

I have a datalist and each row contains a hidden 'edit' and a 'delete' icon. The icons only display once a row is selected. The problem is that I cannot get the icons to hide after the selected row looses focus (i.e. a different row is selected). Any thoughts on how I can resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Still hoping that someone can figure this out!


Hi Dee,

Check out this prototype to see how to do this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ohsg4xfai8udghz/Hide%3AShowDataListIcon.vp?dl=0


Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the reply, but it didn't quote address the problem. My datalist does not contain a checkbox. Let me try to clarify.

When a row is clicked (let's say row 5), the background changes color to indicate that the row is selected. If a different row is selected (say row 6), row 5 goes back to the default color and the new row (row 6) background is changed. So far, I have this working fine.

Now, here's the functionality I want to add....

When row 5 is selected (indicated by background color change), I would like an edit icon to show on the row. When row 6 is selected, I want the icon in row 5 to hide and the icon on row 6 to show. The problem is that I cannot get the icon in row 5 to hide once that row loses focus.

Appreciate any help

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