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Hidden Groups of Widgets No Longer Accessible But work when I simulate!

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I went back into my prototype to make some changes. I have several Dialog Windows hidden as help messages. I try to open them and the prototype tool does not recognize anything in the group. Yet, when I go and run the simulation they show up. I'm wondering if a recent update ignored them because they were set to hidden? I have a good deal of them and this will set me back for weeks.

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Hi Christian,

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by 'the tool does not recognize anything in the group'? More information would be helpful in order for me to assist you.




Here are two screen snapshots. First one is the prototype builder ui screen. In the prototype builder I select a group of items I built for a dialog popup window. This group is hidden and appears when an action is completed which in this case when the user taps an icon. I select it, It says it's there, the names of each item appear, but the Properties window says nothing is selected. I can't access it.

Second screen snapshot shows the pop up dialog window I can't access appearing as it should! It's somewhere! Just not where I can get to it. Notice The roboto font issue that I discovered as well.

If it helps there was probably one maybe two updates before I went back into my prototype.


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