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Help with create button

Known Jurajtempus 5 years ago

Hello I want create button in option so example: Website is car dealer and if customer click on home page on buy car, it open new page and there will be:

Car, Age, Price ... and if customer click on price I want show some tab where will be so example: 10 000 - 30 000 , 30 000 - 50 000 and other

so example 2: If customer click on car there will be some tab: Land Rover, Jaguar, Dacia, Renault and click to Renault change button to Renault.

What widget I must use and how it work? Thank you, and please I am new on UX there is some ebook JUSTINMIND? Thank you

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We have a wide range of tutorials available at Justinmind.com/support that will be helpful.

To create this example you will need to:

1. Create 2 screens. One will be the 'home screen' and one will be the 'buy car' screen.

1. On the 'home' screen, drag a button onto the canvas. On that button, create an "On click" +"Link to" event, and have it link to the 'buy car' screen.

2. On the 'buy car' screen, follow this tutorial: https://www.justinmind.com/support/how-to-simulate-searches-in-a-data-list-in-your-web-prototypes-single-criteria/

Let me know if you have any questions.

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