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Help creating interactive input timer

Not a Problem Nicole Byer 5 years ago


I am trying to create a countdown timer. When the user clicks on the time I want a pop up to appear with a numeric keypad that they can enter a number that will then be the new countdown time. Is this too complicated to create using JustinMind? I am pretty new to JustInMind but I have tried using other tools and still haven't found one that can do this.

Thank you!

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Hi Nicole,

Here's a tutorial that should help: https://www.justinmind.com/support/how-to-create-a-manual-countdown-clock-in-your-interactive-prototypes/

Let me know if you have any questions.




Hey Danielle,

Yeah, I looked at that but is there a way to have the input come from a custom keypad?

Thank you


Sure - though it will be a little more complicated to create.

You'll need to create an “On Tap” + “Set Value” event for each numeric button, with the value being ‘Calculated’ and with the following expression:

Drag the text box that will display the numbers to the first position followed by the CONCAT function and then type the number that the event is created for into the final position. See the screenshot for this condition.

I also attached a simple example with the event created for the '1' and '2' numbers.

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