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have an link to event but want to stay in the same scrolled place

Not a Problem alberto dominguez 6 years ago

i have a prototype than has many on mouse over events that are in the middle of my image. The action that the mouse over does is a link to another screen, when the action happens it scrolls all the way up... i want the image to stay in the same place in the link to screen because i need more events there

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Hi there,

You could try creating a 'scroll to' event to scroll to the same place on the linked-to screen.

Or, you could turn the other screen into a dynamic panel on the first screen, and have that 'on mouse over -> link to' event turn into 'on mouse over -> set active panel' event. That way you won't have to worry about scrolling to anything, as the page's scroll will stay the same.

Hope this helps.



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