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has anyone figured out how to re-order columns in a table?

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

So I'm usig datamaster and datalist to generate a table, once I create the table, I can't really make new adjustment. For instance, I try to update datamaster with a new column but I notice, the change is not reflected in my table. So I created the new column in my table manually. The new column shows up as the last column in the table, but I need to display the column in the middle of the table.

Is there an easy way to do so?

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found the answer

The order of the Data Grid's columns can be modified once created. To move a column to a different position within the Data Grid, drag and drop it to the desired position. An orange feedback will guide you when placing the column between other columns.

It took me a lot of time and effort, to get it working. The drag and drop idea is cool but the interaction is not right. I was selecting all, and click again to do the drag and drop. However I notice, I need to do this using a single click.

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