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Handoff HTML to developer

Need Answer Ux Simply 4 years ago

Usually when sharing a technical specification document with developer with changes that need to be made on a page I write step by step descriptions of these changes with colors, fonts, which copy to use, where to place, etc.But if you create a prototype in some prototyping software (Axure/Justinmind) and export it as HTML file, then do you create some step by step descriptions of changes?IMHO, all changes can be seen in exported HTML of a prototype. So why need to describe in details?Please share your experience on how to optimize this process with less effort for Prototyper/UX, Web-Developer, QA.

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If anyone else would like to jump in and share their experiences about this, please do so!

From what we've seen, a combination of the exported HTML and a technical spec document (as well as regular communication with the developer for any questions that arise) tends to work well for covering this.

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