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Grid and dynamic panel

Solved Pierre Jamet 7 years ago


I want to make a grid of element scrollable with two column

So I created a grid, grouped it in a dynamic panel and set the parameter of the panel on scrollable auto on vertical scroll.

The issue is that when I simulate the screen, the grid is now displaying only in one column not two.

Do you know this bug and a workaround ?

It cost me some hours to work around it for a really poor result (a screenshot, no interactivity)


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Hi Pierre,

It seems that the scroll bar probably is using part of the space of the data grid. You could try creating smaller columns.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sonia,

The bug disappeared.

In the exact, not modified, same screen, it worked today great.

So I can't replicate it

So all good for today. I hope it won't come out again.

PS : thanks for the advice but it was definitively not a panel width's issue.

I create my grid and then group it in dynamic panel

So panel width = grid width

And I didn't modify the panel width after that.

Thanks a lot ;)


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