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Generating empty word-documents when exporting specification document (both customized and not)

Solved Mel 3 years ago

Neither way of generating a specification document works [File>Exporting>Spec/Custom Spec Doc]

Both using a customized template and using the pre-defined document of JIM 9.1 produce an empty word document.

I wanted to finally test the new feature of exporting custom requirements, but I didn't even get so far.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Melanie,

Sorry for the delay on this response. Could you attach your prototype and log files so then we can take a look? You can compress it to .zip/.rar and attach it here.

You can find the log files by following this file path:

On Mac: [folder of the user]/justinmind/version/logs.log

On PC: (C://users/youruser/Justinmind[version]/logs.log)

There may also be a file called logs.log.1 in that folder. If it's also listed, please attach it as well.

I look forward to your response,



Attached the files



The issue you were experiencing has been fixed in today's update. However if you created a custom requirement field that has a space, in the MS Word template the tag for that must be without spaces.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,


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