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Font Styles (nice to have font style to fastly change all same style font through all pages)

Completed Victor Conesa 8 years ago

It would be cool to use font styles like in the Microsoft products. You can add the document style once and after that change all document fonts through the all pages just changing the source style.

You can also choose the right style very fast and your prototype would be consistant

i.e you have to change all H1 title from 22px to 18px. You can change just style and all H1 become 18px through all pages

very usefull to have styles for other objects. For example, you can use just 3 type of buttons on the site. Master, widget and template don't works with it because, if you need to change button color for the all pages, you have to change all buttons!!!

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Hi there,

Thanks for the idea, I'll suggest it to our development team.




This would be a MAJORLY helpful thing to have - a styles panel or a subset of the Text template style for h1, h2, h3, a, etc. would make things a thousand times quicker and easier.

Also, I'd LOVE to see retroactive application of styles when default styles are changed. If I already have a certain widget on multiple pages multiple times, but the client decides they need a border to be a different color, manually applying changes to the default is extremely time consuming.


This can now be done via Custom Widgets > Text Styles. The Styles you define show up as options in Text element properties. Couldn't find any help documentation on that though just stumbled upon it.

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