Font Embed does not add fonts to prototype correctly, will not render correctly

Julian Dyer shared this problem 11 months ago

When sharing prototypes the font embed message comes up. I try and embed the fonts required, I can add one font which will give a green tick symbol in the left pane, but when trying to add the second font file the font will not add to the right pane.

If I select the regular weight of the font, all of the fonts listed go green, but when rendering the prototype from a shared link, they do not render in the correct weight.

This causes fonts in the shared prototype. It is essential that out reams can see the correct rendered font weight. Please fix this bug.

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Hi Julian,

There are two issues which I have encountered that seem related to your issues, and I have been discussing solutions for both of them directly with JIM. The first one is regarding the ability to embed fonts. Here is the latest response I received regarding this issue:

"JIM wouldn't accept [my files] as the correct font files. --> You are right, there is a bug associated when trying to embed a font with any of the following family styles (Black, ExtraBold, Bold, SemiBold, Medium, Regular, Light, UltraLight, Thin ) . Our development team has already resolved that and will be available on our next release."

The second issue has to do with font weights not rendering correctly and. I am still awaiting a response on this particular issue. You can check to see if you are having the same issue I am having, which arises for me when I change the font of an element from its default (usually Roboto, I believe) to Avenir Book. With an element selected, I set its font and font weight in the Properties panel/tab by selecting Avenir Book within the Font property. In CSS terms, the font-weight of Avenir Book is 400. Yet, with the same element still selected, if I look at the CSS panel/tab, the font-weight has an incorrect value of 800. If, in the Properties panel/tab, I change the font weight from Book to Light then back to Book and check the CSS panel/tab again, then font-weight in CSS now has the correct value of 400. So, something isn't properly synching the Properties panel/tab and the CSS when initially changing the font of an element.

When I receive a response regarding this issue, I will follow up here.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Do you know when this problem will be fixed? It is causing serious issues when we are showing client and dev teams work.


We are releasing a patch for this bug in our next update, which is coming in the next few weeks.