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Find & Replace in Outline

Under Consideration eggroll 5 years ago


I badly need an ability to rename multiple items at once in the outline.

In creating a new screen (e.g. titled "TV Shows"), I often duplicate an existing screen (e.g. titled "Movies) where most, if not all, of the items in the outline have an identifying word or words within the item names (e.g. "movies_header", "movies_dynamic_panel", etc.) Currently, in order for me to replace the old identifying word(s) ("movies") with the new identifying word(s) ("tv_shows"), I have to do this line by line. And I frequently have dozens of items in a screen outline, so this is very time consuming.

Additionally, if I make changes to the original screen ("Movies") and decide it's easier to duplicate the screen again rather than make the same changes to the previous duplicate ("TV Shows"), I have to do this all over again. And this is not at all an infrequent event for me.

I saw that another user previously suggested a search box at the top of the outline. Perhaps these requests could be combined into a "Find" box at the top of the outline, with an icon to toggle the appearance of an accompanying "Replace" box, which would address both of these requests.



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Great idea! Thank you very much for the suggestion, Tim. I've sent this to our team.

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