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Find all references of an item

Completed Laurent Barbareau 7 years ago


Maybe I missed something but I think it would great to be able to find every reference of an element, because when we need to make some cleanup and if we can't know easy if an element is necessary or not, its deletion may be a big problem that we don't see immediately...

Do you see what I mean ?

Thank you

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Hi Laurent,

While we don't have this exact feature, you can search within your prototype for certain widgets. Look to the top of the application and you'll see a 'Search' symbol. Your search will return all applicable widgets in your prototype.




Yes I know I can search elements that way.

I add that having twice a magnifying glass as icon for different purposes and into almost the same toolbar is quite not ideal ^^

I hope one day you'll be able to supply a tool that finds references of an element. ;)

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