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Find all instances of an item, add these up, store and display value

Answered AS_Dev 4 years ago

Hi guys, does anyone know if the following is possible?

I'm making an interactive map of sorts, I'd like to be able to track all instances of an item (say an icon representing stairs). Is there each time a user drags in the item (the stair icon for example) that I can automatically add to a value and display this? So users can see how many of a specific item exist on that map.

So in essence, on page load, find all instances of X,Y,Z show how many of X,Y & Z exist.

Thank you in advance :)

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You can create an "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event for each image that sets the value to a variable. Each additional picture adds to the value of the variable, the value of which can be displayed in a text element. Check out the attached file for an example.

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