Filtering on Beginning Characters

prototype user shared this problem 2 years ago
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is there a way to filter data based on a match of the beginning characters? The HAS filter matches anywhere in the string.

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I relaize how to do predictive seacrhes. However, in the example that you provide the HAS expression is used which allows matches anywhere in the word or phrase. I am looking only to match on the beginning characters of the word or expression. So for example, let's say the data master has a town called Treemont. Using HAS if someone types in "mo" it woudl match. I only want to match on "Tr" or "Tre" or "Tree". I had previously tried using the INDEX function and added a condition to see if result was equal to zero, but that didn't work. Any other alternative would be greatly appreciated.


The expression would be this: “SUBSTRING(value, 0, COUNT(search))=search”

You type Tre then search is ‘Tre’

COUNT(search) is 3

SUBSTRING(‘Treemont’,0, 3) is ‘Tre’ (substring cuts the string at the “spaces” between letters so the index 0 is the start of the string and the index 3 is between the two e: 0 T 1 r 2 e 3 e 4 … )

Then SUBSTRING(‘Treemont’, 0, 3)=search is true.