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Filter a data master on multiple attributes

Answered Jonathan Serex 7 years ago


First I apologize if this question was already answered, but I could not find out any working answer in the existing topics.

My question is quite simple :

I have a data master with two fields : "ID" and "Name".

I want to simulate a search on a data list, where the search is run on both criterias "ID" and "Name" and returns any line where there is a match either on "ID" or on "Name"

example of my data master :

ID, Name

1, John

2, Bob

3, Sue

4, Ted

5, Joe

If I search "2" or "Bob", i would like to get the result : "2, Bob".

At the moment I succeed to run the search either on "ID" or on "Name" but not on the two at the same time. How could I achieve this ?

Thanks for your support!

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Hi Danielle,

I've checked carefully the link you provided but it doesn't work. The reason is, in this tutorial you show how to filter a data master based on multiple criterias, providing that all criterias are met. (e.g. status "passed" AND reason "original")

What I am looking to achieve is to filter the data master based on multiple criterias, providing at least one criteria is met.

My mockup is built with an "on key up" event which filters the data master. As explained in my previous message, I want to be able to search either "2" or "Bob" and to get the line "2, Bob".

With your tutorial it doesn't work because if I search "2", the formula will look for all lines which have a "2" in the column "ID" AND "Name", and there is none.

Any other suggestion on how to achieve my goal ?

Thanks for your help !


Hi Jon,

Check out the attached example. Hope this helps.





Hi Dani,

Your solution is outrageously simple, but it works ! I can't understand why I didn't think about it by myself.

Thanks a lot !


Hi danielle,

I am facing a similar problem as jon but the dropbox link you shared is deleted. Do you mind sharing it again? Thank you


Hello, I attach the example, let me know if I can help you with something else.


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