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Feature that would make this tool even better than it already is!

Completed Ca-Phun Ung 7 years ago

Firstly thanks for this nice and intuitive prototyping tool.

Some nice too haves that I noticed while trying out the tool (Point me to the right direction if these features already exist):

  • Image Masking - when prototyping usually you'd throw images of all sizes in and adjust to fit. Image masking is an essential part.
  • Menu - It would be nice if menu subitems could fill the space of the menu by default (kind of like tables). Currently the subitems are only the size of it's contents and you cannot drag them wider
  • Rectangles - would be nice to have a fluid option so that it takes up the width of the browser. Essential for full width sectioning.

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Hi Ca-Phun,

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Here you are some workarounds:

Image Masking: A similar option to accomplish that is using the crop option (Right click - Image - Crop )

Menu: I will transfer this information to our development team so they can take into account for future updates.

Rectangles: You could try creating an "On window Resize / Resize" . Please find attached an example.


Sonia Durán


Thanks a lot, mam. It works :D



This feature has been added in the latest update of Justinmind.

Thank you,


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