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Feature idea: find and replace for logic

Under Consideration Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I am in the midst of building onto an existing prototype. A majority of the changes I'm making are repetitive. I'm adding the same filter to similar expressions throughout the entire project.

It would be great to allow you to find and replace bits of logic across your entire project. For example, I could have specified to find this expression...

SELECT ( A, 1 )

... and replace it with this expression...

SELECT ( FILTER ( A, 2 = variableX ), 1 )

You could then ask me whether I wanted to confirm each instance or just replace everything all at once. Probably a power-user feature, but it would have saved me a few hours today. And yes, I know I could have probably architected the thing a bit better with more code reuse by using masters and such, but I didn't. The truth is that tech debt gets built into these types of prototypes all the time because they're rush jobs by nature. This idea could help make that debt more manageable.

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Hi Kade,

Thanks for the suggestion - I have forwarded it to our development team.



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