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Feature Enhancement Suggestions

Under Consideration eggroll 7 years ago

Here are some suggested feature enhancements based upon our use of Justinmind, thus far, to create our mobile app prototype. Accept our apologies if some of this functionality already exists and we have yet to discover it.

As with the potential bugs we have submitted, please accept these suggested enhancements in the spirit they are intended - to make a great software experience even better!


  • When adding a screen node to a Scenario, have the option to have a corresponding screen automatically created in the User Interface, rather than simply creating the generic screen node icon. With such a feature, if I choose to use a scenario to tackle navigation flow before creating screens, I can go to the User Interface and already have the shells of the corresponding screens I need to create.
  • Ability to set the canvas size. Currently, the only way we could figure out how to expand the canvas for better panning/navigation of it is to create an unneeded element and dragging it into the bottom right corner as far as we needed to in order to create the flexibility enable by added canvas space.
  • Keyboard short cuts for arrows with particular node types (e.g. after selecting screen, keyboard short cut creates arrow leading to action node). Would speed up the creation of new nodes.
  • Keep arrow tool selection active until selecting another tool or clicking on a non-arrow element. Currently, if needing to create multiple arrows, after each arrow, you have to select the arrow tool again.
  • Maintain zoom percentage from previous session.
  • For touch pads, provide two-finger gestures (e.g. pinching) for zoom in and zoom out.
  • For keyboards, provide key modifier for mouse wheel for zoom in and zoom out.
  • Snap to guide
  • Ability to change color of symbols to, for example, visually distinguish different categories of actions.
  • Enable use of keyboard direction arrows to move arrow captions by pixel


  • Ability to change icon and color of drop-down triangle


  • Add "expand all" and "collapse all" functionality in outline
  • Retain expanded/collapsed state of outline from previous use. When creating multiple actions for an element deeply nested in the outline, having to navigate to it repeatedly becomes time-consuming.


  • Retain previously set topic filters (topics, statuses, categories, etc.) in Topics view.
  • Ability to sort search results by time/date the topics were created/last updated. Currently, if you have a multi-page search result, you could have progressed to page 10 and still find a post update from two days ago after a post updated five years ago. This compels one to view all of the pages to ensure a solution isn't overlooked since a recent post could appear on the last page of results. Since the relevance of many older posts has likely diminished over time due to updates in the software, it seems preferable to see the newest posts firsts as they are more likely to pertain to the latest version(s) of the software.


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Hi there,

Thank you so much for the great suggestions! I have forwarded them all to our development team, and I'll update you on our status with working on them.




Terrific. Thanks!!

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