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Export to images Quality issue & Sizes

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago


I'm not sure if this one was reported yet but the output quality of an exported screen using your SAVE AS IMAGE doesn't properly render the SVG elements on the screen, leaving them blurry and pixelated on the edges.

Would it be possible to get the same quality output of the browser simulation preview ? Also, the option of zooming in the browser still provide a way to upscale the screen, rendering all SVG, icon elements nicely. It would be again really great to have this option at export at well.

Having the option to export in PNG would also be a nice feature.

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Also noticed that if the VERTICAL SCOLL option of a DYNAMIC PANEL is set to Automatically, it shouldn't show a big win95 type scrollbar in the exported image specially when your are set on a iphone 6 format.

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