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export to html, users on pc having issues seeing and chrome prompts for extension

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I have just used the export to html item to generate files to share. This creates an index file along with 4 other directories (fonts, images, resources, review).

On the mac when opening the index.html file it works fine and loads the prototype as planned.

On PCs however when opening the index.html file it has trouble loading the assets so what you get is an unstyled text based page. On chrome in pc it prompts for the justinmind plugin but when installing this it doesn't solve the problem and just prompts you again next time you try to load it.

Any ideas? It seems like everything is relative so there shouldn't be any conflicts but not sure why pcs are having so many problems.


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Hi Neil,

Make sure you've copied all of the elements of the file when you send it to your PC. You can also try using another browser besides Chrome, as Chrome can sometimes pose problems when loading prototypes.





The files were definitely all copied over.

The problem is that on the PC the people reviewing are typically using Chrome. The issue also happens with IE. On one person's computer there are issues with the index file looking like it has no styles and on the other their page loads but only partially.

Is there a reason why its not loading since you said Chrome can pose problems? Its kind of a big issue in terms of deliverables to a client.




Did anyone ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue with Chrome on a PC 3 years later...

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