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Explain difference between Show/Hide and Set Active Panel

Not a Problem Chris 6 years ago

I don't grasp the difference between these actions, and it appears that you can't Show/Hide an entire panel, only an object within the panel. Can someone please explain this beyond just referring to the JustinMind UI? In other words, real world situations where you use show/hide vs Set Active Panel.

Thank you.

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Hi Chris,

Show/Hide events are good for elements or groups of elements, and Set Active Panel events are good for panels with different content.

For example, you would use a Show/Hide event to hide an error message that displays when information in a form isn't filled out completely.

You would use a Set Active Panel event to display different forms in a registration page, like one form in one panel for first/last name, and another form in another panel for address.

Does this make sense?




Thanks Danielle, that helps.

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