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Events assigned to multiple components or to a group

Known Nipun Jethi 6 years ago

There are many posts in this community starting over 5 years ago about the need to assign events to either multiple individual components (ie using something like Shift+Click) or to an already defined group of components. This feature does not exist in the form that people are asking for and IMHO it's a BIG omission.

Today, you can only assign an action to multiple components IF that action inherently allows it. For example, show and hide are actions that allow you to select multiple components when defining the target for an action.

BUT, say you want 2 different components when tapped to "set a variable". You can't create an "on tap" event despite being able to make a 'multiple selection' of both components. Ok, so following the directions on earlier posts, I try to then create the event on one of the components and then in the modify action dialog assign it to both components or create a group for both components and assign it. This is not possible. Again, only certain actions (and they are largely only UI actions like show or change style) allow for multi-select. Nothing on the data side (like set variable or data master actions).

Sadly, you are left creating multiple instances of the same event action and applying them to their respective components.

I am surprised that this has not been prioritized? Is this a fringe 'power user' use case? If not, click the "me too" button.

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Dear Nipun,

Sorry for our late response. You are right, this feature hasn't been implemented yet. I'll make sure to transfer this information to the product manager so this can be considered for future updates. Unfortunately, we cannot implement everything we wish because resources and time are limited.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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