Event on one screen that hide/show object on another screen

Jan Anders Ekroll shared this question 2 years ago

As the title says, i find no tutorials or options to have a button on one screen that hihe or show an image/obejt on another screen.

Is this at all possible?

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Hi Jan,

Your request is being dealt with in our Customer Support Portal.


Sonia Durán


Hello, I have the same question.

On a dashboard I have a green status message that is hidden by default when that page loads. However, I'd like the green status bar to appear for a few seconds but only when I come from a specific page, or when a button on that page is clicked.

I know how to make the element appear then dissappear when the page loads, but the problem is I don't want it to appear everytime the page loads, only when "Submit" is clicked on the page before. Thanks, Emerson.