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Error : vertical scrolling

Known Plan3 6 years ago

My mobile prototype is about 702KB.

Cause it only has 1 screen with boxes, texts, lines and 2 small images.

But why this situation happens?

When I send public link to my client, somehow it's not working well.

When the user scrolls down within their own device, it goes automatically back where the user pointed.

So the user can't go down. Even using two fingers to scroll.

They can't explore the prototype I made in Justinmind.

Any suggestions of making public link working well with this low storage file?

I don't want my clients to install the Justinmind app.

The point is my public link is working normal as it should, so I only need to send the link to my client.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce your issue. Could you please specify which browser is your client using? Does this happens with all the prototypes or just with one?

Also, take into account tha the proper way to simulate the prototypes would be using the App as it is the method verified and tested by our development team.


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