Problems when importing svg files into my prototypes

Keryn Christiansen shared this problem 3 years ago
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I'm having problems importing svg files into my prototypes. I'm getting the attached error message.

I see a few people have had a similar issue. I've tried it with several files and I think only one managed to import successfully.

I'm wanting to bring files from Sketch with layers, which I believe should be possible.



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Hi Keryn,

We're sorry you're encountering this error. We suggest reinstalling Justinmind, which usually fixes the issue. You can re-download Justinmind here:

Before you do so, make sure to unregister your key if you're a license owner. To do this, open Justinmind, then go to Help -> Unregister key.

Please let me know how reinstalling works for you and if you're still seeing this error after this.