Element Sizes different when Simluating

Jonny Kalambay shared this problem 3 years ago

Could someone please help me? I'm making a prototype to show how students can be allocated into a residence. The problem is, when simulating,elements appear in different sizes than I had set them up in.

On the canvas, in edit mode, the colored bars (representing students) in the calendar extend all the way to the end of the table underneath. However, when I simulate the prototype, the bars seem to have shortened, and no longer reach the end of the calendar/table.

Here's what it looks like in the editor:


Here's what it looks like in the simulation:


Extra details: The calendar and the colored bars are in a dynamic panel, which must uses x and y scrolling to be viewed completely. I'm using Windows 10, Google Chrome, and the latest version of Justinmind.

Thank you!

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