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Dynamic View widget

In Progress tom hurley 6 years ago

One of the most tedious parts of JustinMind data masters is to show a list of key values (which is easy) but than show the detail in a dynamic panel. T show the detail you have to build an input value event for every field as attribute that you want on the detail view. I know that is you go to the data master you can have it create the set values but it does it only on page load and it does it per item. I think there are three ways to make this change. First would be to create a datamaster event named view and than once you pick the datamaster it would give you all the fields like the modify event does and you can drag and drop them onscreen fields you copied from the datamaster. The second is to change the automatically created view to have an option to load one field at a time tied to each field or load them all at a time in one event tied to the page. That way I could copy the one event and paste it to what events I wanted. The third is to create a Dynamic View widget. It would ask for the datamaster, allow you to select the fields you want than create a single event tied to the change in the variable used to load the values. Today to get around this I use a datagrid with 1 row and column per page and than filter the database to find the one record that was selected.

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Hi Tom,

Do you have an example .vp file of what you're describing so we can take a look? You can attach it in a .rar format, or upload it to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, and attach the link to it here.



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